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Recipe:  Compound Butter Four Ways

Recipe: Compound Butter Four Ways

I first learned of compound butter almost a decade ago when I started blogging.  I was amazed at how flavorful a recipe so simple could be.  My first attempt was a delicious lime-cilantro compound butter I used to enhance grilled corn.  Swoon!  I still smile thinking […]

Recipe:  Blueberry-Infused Vodka

Recipe: Blueberry-Infused Vodka

I’ve been hearing about infused vodka for quite some time.  Last weekend, during a bout of boredom, I made 3 small batches of infused vodkas:  pineapple, jalapeno and the one featured here, blueberry-infused vodka.  The ingredients and the process is quite simple so, if you’re […]

Urban Chic:  All Black Everything

Urban Chic: All Black Everything

Black on black on black isn’t a look I would normally choose for Urban Meyer, but, Polyvore is having an #AllThingsBlack contest and I noticed there was a noticeable lack of menswear so I created this.  Regardless of the repetitive shade, I think he would […]

Urban Chic:  Winter Style

Urban Chic: Winter Style

The temps in Virginia have been a little crazy lately.  Frigid temps, for over a week, morphed into 60+ degree days and now back to cold again, but only for a handful of days.  It’s today’s temperature that led me to create my newest Polyvore […]

Happy New Year – 2018!

Happy New Year – 2018!

Hello, Happy New Year 2018 & welcome to Kendra Relaunched!  The blog has been out of commission for a bit as it undergo’s reconstruction.  As with most things in life, blogs should be reviewed periodically to make sure old content and design is still relevant.  […]

Urban Chic:  Date Night – Mr & Mrs Edition

Urban Chic: Date Night – Mr & Mrs Edition

The inspiration for this Urban Chic ensemble came as a result of my own spouse and I having attended an upscale/chic event in DC.  I was inspired to create another date night-related inspo board that featured clothing ideas for not only Urban Meyer, but also […]

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