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Urban Chic: Date Night – Mr & Mrs Edition

Urban Chic: Date Night, Mr. & Mrs. EditionThe inspiration for this Urban Chic ensemble came as a result of my own spouse and I having attended an upscale/chic event in DC.  I was inspired to create another date night-related inspo board that featured clothing ideas for not only Urban Meyer, but also for his wife, Shelley.  For once, I didn’t include anything with the Ohio State logo on it, but I did choose a charcoal gray suit for Urban (i.e the “gray” of scarlet & gray) with gold accent pieces in the watch & tie, to mirror the embellishments chosen for Shelley Meyer.

Shelley’s dress is to die for, though I picture it as a jumpsuit, rather than a dress.  There’s something about a well-crafted jumpsuit and gorgeous pumps that I love!  When compiling Shelley’s outfit, I envisioned her wearing her hair up in a loose, “messy bun” to show off the sleeveless aspect of the dress.  She’s a fitness buff, so she can easily pull-off a sleeveless look.

The “Urban Chic” inspo boards are are a series of Polyvore inspiration boards I created after seeing a photo of Urban Meyer online.  In the photo, he appeared to be at an event with a trio of  gents, all wearing suits.  Urban’s suit, while obviously a quality suit, made him look much older than his current 53 years.  I tapped my Polyvore app and created my vision of what he could wear in the future, that stayed true to his conservative style, while giving him a more polished look that didn’t age him.  I’ve had fun creating the Urban-inspired boards!  Coach Meyer has a bevy of people surrounding him that focus on the football-related aspect of his life.  I’m here, from afar, and should he ever see this, to add a spark of fashion inspiration across the web.  I don’t set out to create based on any particular theme and prefer to go with the flow as ideas pop into my mind.  It’s all in good fun.



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