Be Your Best Self


kendra2I’m inspired by life.  I don’t mean in the hand-holding-skipping-through-tulips type of way.     I mean it in the sense that the smallest things in my everyday life can inspire me.  When I’m at my highest level of inspiration, I marvel at the things I accomplish.  During an interview a few years ago, I was asked if I was afraid of failure.  My response:  “It never occurs to me that I might fail at something once the idea is in my head.    I have to at least try.”    If I fail, I brush myself off and wait for the next big idea.  My confidence is propelled, 100 percent, by my curiosity and “What If?”.

Kendra Relaunched is a lifestyle blog created for those of us who are curiously tripping through life with the desire to embrace every experience, good and bad.  Life isn’t about perfection (unless it’s a glass of crisp Virginia wine or a perfect Ohio State football season!), it’s about taking a look around you and making the absolute best of your ideas and talents.  In a society where, for unknown reasons, it’s become “cool” to be snarky, and mean-spirited under the guise of wit, Kendra Relaunched brings you motivation, optimism, and hope, with a creative spin.

On Kendra Relaunched, you’ll find inspiration for cooking, music, beauty, movies, sports and just about anything else that traipses through my life. I love to share things that tweak life just enough to make it a little more interesting.

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