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Urban Chic:  All Black Everything

Urban Chic: All Black Everything

Black on black on black isn’t a look I would normally choose for Urban Meyer, but, Polyvore is having an #AllThingsBlack contest and I noticed there was a noticeable lack of menswear so I created this.  Regardless of the repetitive shade, I think he would […]

Urban Chic:  Winter Style

Urban Chic: Winter Style

The temps in Virginia have been a little crazy lately.  Frigid temps, for over a week, morphed into 60+ degree days and now back to cold again, but only for a handful of days.  It’s today’s temperature that led me to create my newest Polyvore […]

Urban Chic:  Date Night – Mr & Mrs Edition

Urban Chic: Date Night – Mr & Mrs Edition

The inspiration for this Urban Chic ensemble came as a result of my own spouse and I having attended an upscale/chic event in DC.  I was inspired to create another date night-related inspo board that featured clothing ideas for not only Urban Meyer, but also […]

Urban Chic:  Autograph Signing

Urban Chic: Autograph Signing

I designed this inspiration board after seeing a photo of Urban Meyer in the “baggy khaki’s of death”.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s the baggy khaki pants that every college football coach is photographed in at some point in their career.  I have […]

Urban Chic:  Football Recruiting Trail

Urban Chic: Football Recruiting Trail

When I designed this set, I had just seen a photo online of Urban Meyer and a colleague posing with a new recruit.  At first glance, I recall thinking how tired they both looked, which is understandable.  I once worked in recruiting in the legal […]

Urban Chic:  Weekend in Nantucket

Urban Chic: Weekend in Nantucket

While catching up on old food magazine articles, I saw a spread that featured a weekend in New England, complete with a crab/lobster boil, etc… The article led me to “What if Urban Meyer went to Nantucket for the weekend?” hence the Urban Chic:  Weekend […]

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